Colleen Miller

contriving a purpose . graphic + interaction design


I’m Colleen, an interaction designer via graphic design.

Why are you going back to school?

I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts, because I am fascinated by the compelling yet underexplored relationships between people and the things they use. I am interested in the bridge that is created between information design and visual design in the form of interaction, and believe this is a logical extension to my visual design experience thus far.

What about your graphic design business?

I have a great passion for typography and the beautiful way graphic design can powerfully affect people. After a few years of managing clients in a partnership with the very talented Rick Landers (he’s my husband, but my bias is not unfounded!) I wanted to further pursue the study of user experience and connection to content that was missing from my client relationships. I am seeking a new kind of work, still rooted in my love for design, that will suit my skills and interests better.

What can you do?

I am a fluent print and web designer and can tackle visual concept design through prepress and web front-end production. For interaction I work with competitive analyses, functional specs, personas, sitemaps, paper and digital prototypes, storyboards, wireframes, page layout, html & css coding.

When I’m not shackled to my computer, I love cooking, traveling, taking language lessons, training my dog to do stupid tricks and watching sports.

Where are you located?

Don’t be fooled by my 215 area code and the Philly accent that slips out when I get excited. I live in beautiful Jersey City, and enjoy a sliver of a New York City view from my 2 x 3 foot terrace. I work and study in New York City.

Have any more questions?

Please e-mail me at colleenmiller (at) mac (dot) com.


Colleen's first grade report card

1st grade report card