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contriving a purpose . graphic + interaction design 24-hour Competition

Posted October 26th by Colleen in MFA Interaction Design

Our earth is humanity’s only comprehensive life support system—we were tasked to visualize our collective footprint in this 24-hour student competition.  Our human impact has negatively affected the earth in many ways, which can be measured through 8 global indicators of planetary health: ozone depletion, atmospheric CO2 levels, phosphorus and nitrogen runoff, ocean acidity, biodiversity, land use and freshwater use. These values have scientifically proven boundaries, beyond which there is an increased risk of detriment to life on earth. This chart seeks to provide a summary view of these indicators juxtaposed against total world population data and extrapolated over time. It demonstrates that we are approaching or have already exceeded several of these bounds. Finally, each indicator is paired with a “microcosmic” story suggesting just one of may ways in which individual behavior can bear influence on the global scale.

Click to view the interactive piece

CREDITS: Team project with Dave Bellona, Clint Beharry and Tina Ye FEATURED: Honorable Mention (article)


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