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UbiKid: an interactive playground experience

Posted December 21st by Colleen in MFA Interaction Design

UbiKid is a conceptual, interactive playground experience that monitors the activity of participants, recording checkpoints via RFID and visualizing that data on a wristband device.

A series of RFID tags on the play equipment tracks a child’s activity, and milestones are displayed in a fun, competitive and positive environment. In this project we focus on the design of the physical relationship between the child, the tag, the reader and the resulting outputs. In the UbiKid interaction, a child wears a watch or a wristband with an RFID reader that keeps track of her score and time. Paths throughout a playground in the form of scavenger-hunt-like checkpoints are suggested on this device, and milestone badges are collected based on play motion. A digital touchscreen feeds results back to the player with every action. By embracing digital interactivity typically reserved for indoor video gaming, classic playground experiences become more advanced to keep children motivated and engaged with the physical activity they need every day.

CREDITS: Team project with Gene Lu and Richie Lau


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